About us


The club CAPOEIRA SENZALA was founded in Novi Sad by Sinisa Cvetkovic-Vento and Bojan Jung-Montanha in March 2009, after an eight-year-old experience in the capoeira world.

The club works under the supervision of Master Steen (Mestre Steen –Copenhagen, Denmark) and as a part of a group Centro Cultural Senzala de Capoeira (mestre Peixinho - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil).

The aim and purpose of this club is to spread and popularize Brazilian martial art and culture, to propagate sport and educate children, young and old people about the importance of physical exercise and healthy lifestyle.

Within its activities the club organizes professional seminars and events with renowned names from the world of capoeira.

Sinisa Cvetkovic

Sinisa Cvetkovic, born in 1983, is one of the founders and the head coach in sports and recreation club “Capoeira Senzala” in Novi Sad. He started practicing capoeira in 2001 and he is a student of Master Steen from Copenhagen. He is absolutely dedicated to the club and this amazing skill which he has perfected in Brazil and continues to improve by going to numerous seminars all over Europe.

He is a holder of a black belt in karate – first day, a former gymnast and a dancer.

He has obtained a Master’s Degree in Physical Education and Sport.

Capoeira – a healthy way of living

Our club is based on a premise that physical activity is a necessary component for person’s normal functioning and his/her health. This is generally known. However, regardless of that fact, our society exercises far less and it is exposed to a growing epidemic of obesity although our knowledge about the advantages of physical activity and healthy lifestyle has improved significantly.

We wish to awaken human consciousness and do our best to change the current situation. Therefore, in addition to regular capoeira trainings, our club organizes various activities, like going hiking, ice skating, swimming, etc., thus making our members to get into the habit of exercise. Our way of life together with the results it brings demonstrates to everybody that recreation and physical exercise are priceless.