Centro Cultural Senzala de Capoeira

Mestre Peixinho

mestre Peixinho

1947 - 2011


Mestre Peixinho (1947-2011), was a pioneer and a legend of capoeira. He had an unsurpassed technique that allowed him to be always one step ahead of his opponent. Always comfortably balanced, without unnecessary motion, with attacks, feints and defence all combined with a unique sense of timing.

Mestre Peixinho had a great interest and talent for arts and crafts. He was one of the capoeira community’s absolute top instrument makers and built atabaques and berimbaues with a sound and quality matched by none.

His curiosity and constant desire to learn more and experience new things brought him out into the world with his capoeira. He was one of co-arrangers of the First European Capoeira Meeting (1987-1989) which, in the mid-90′s together with his student Mestre Steen, motivated the yearly Scandinavian Capoeira Meeting.

Centro Cultural Senzala, which Capoeiraskolen Senzala is a part of, was founded by Mestre Peixinho and is a major branch of the Grupo Senzala. In Centro Cultural Senzala, we attach great importance to upholding the old traditions and rituals. Within these boundaries, we strive to extend, improve and modernize the martial techniques, acrobatics, music and songs.

Mestre Peixinho was a pioneer of this work right up to his death in 2011. Today, the group is lead by Mestre Toni Vargas, Mestre Ramos, Mestre Steen and a number of other revered Mestres who have worked with Mestre Peixinho, thus the group continues its work in Brazil, Denmark and the rest of the world.